10.1.14 Story, Poem and Inspiration Point of the Week

Hi all,

Tony and I have been hard at work reading competition entries this week (as well as whittling down a shortlist for Picks of the Year, 2013), so look forward to a few big announcements very soon. And though so much time and talent went into writing for the competition, there were still plenty of fantastic pieces on the site this week.

One of those is our poem of the week, Hoalarg's Night Piece, a simple, evocative poem that captures that particular tone memories take on when they are recast on the verge of sleep:


And our story of the week came out of a concept that belongs on the silver screen. Canonette's 'Honeytrap' is about a woman who's had enough of her husband's fooling around, and decides to test him once and for all - by asking a friend to try to seduce him:


Canonette's suggested that we use the theme of her story as an IP, and I'm all for it! Have a try, and if you do, be sure to paste a link here so that we can all enjoy:



Is there any point in putting a link here now, Luke, as the IP sections are working properly? I think most are just posting them there nowadays??


That's a good point, Rhiannon. I tend to check both, but now that we've finally got the IP section in proper working order there's probably no longer a need for another link here. Old habits die hard! (Very much enjoyed the poem, by the way...)