Leggings – over Christmas and New Year.

Leggings – over Christmas and New Year.


Have been extra busy, down to Greater London in a taxi to my sons, saw the family off to China, and then the older grand daughter and I went back by train after a day or so had passed.


Strange night, heard noises, voices outside, almost if someone was walking around. Odd. Noted that a block of flats existed about 3 gardens away – wondered if it was like to ours, and whether the voices came from that direction.


Trip back totally insane. Train was cancelled, we ended up taking 5 trains instead of two plus 2 tubes. At Stowmarket where we made the last change to the Norwich train, a whole host of women ran somehow ahead, and then suddenly flooded around me on the last flight on stairs as they shot forward to catch the train.


I talked to a fellow passenger on the train, he knew the way to Norwich, and I asked him how he was going to do it, and he was kind enough to tell me how, and how many other trains and times from Stowmarket to Norwich were running if I missed the one we were all trying to get too. We had about 2 minutes to run over the bridge with luggage. It ought to be in that silly game where they all fall into pools of water on tv.


Anyway this whole flight of women, with dark features, not coloured, maybe crete or spanish, slight build, fit, around 25 – 35 , were in full flood around me and the grandchild, when one of them turned to the one in charge.

“Are we supposed to kill her here?” she asked, “Only its a bit too obvious, isn't it?”

I stopped on the step. Frozen.


The other one was unfazed, “Not today,” she said, “It's a race today, we get something nice if we catch the train and she doesn't!”

“Yes I got that from the radio show too!” the first one replied.

They continued to run as the spoke. They all caught the train, and a railway man came up the stairs and helped me down with the trolley etc. I was totally stuck on the step. Lost all momentum.


The train began to move. We began to move too. I realised suddenly it didn't matter at all. It wasn't a race, it was murder in progress. I heard their voices celebrating on the train... They had won a race. I'm not to this day sure what they won, I'm sure the radio will sort them out a badge or two.


The man I sat with talking was speaking to them, he was very upset too. He pointed out that I knew I wasn't going to make this train, and was planning to wait for the next. I didn't get what else was said, because the train was now in full motion and going out of the station towards Norwich.




After a day or so in Norwich I took her to stay with my daughter and family hoping she'd cheer up with younger more fun company. She looks like my daughter now. Its quite brilliant to see a family resemblance.


All the time I was there we had voices outside, the birds on the roof were so annoyed they became distracted. So did I.


I left to come home for a few days, and went back a few days later, for New Year. The night before that, a whole host of birds flew in and sat in the trees. It appeared that they were very upset. It was the Alan birds from the haunted cottage. I had to go out the next day, and if they were still about I didn't see them. I sometimes hear them call out – they have a funny peculiar call... I hope they are okay.  It came out that something horrid had happened, and they didn't feel safe anymore.



So I left again. We had a good time mostly. They came back, and I thought it would be just me that noticed, yet I heard someone say that they saw someone outside with no shoes on their feet. Staring. I didn't see them.

All the time its mostly the Bum fairy and her friends. Tormenting!


I keep getting 'they want her to come out!” from people, or “If she saw them she'd recognise them!” “She'd feel remorse if she saw them!”


Well now I don't know. Why from the beginning has there been a plot to get me to go outside in the dark, where I can't see well, to face huge amounts of these horrible people....


if not to kill me. Or to frighten me enough to steal everything. If they haven't already. So... apart from the other plot where they have all the last family in the nude, and have told them that they'll trade them for me...

which means they'd just kill the whole lot together.... I've no belief in this unlikely lot at all...


I guess I'll stay in, unless I feel like going somewhere...

So ...  Happy Christmas and have a Great New Year!