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Hi, no complaints recently!  See my work for sale below.

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The Works Once... poem 1st draft.

The Works Once. I was the works once, bright, shiny, deep, took classes in earlier years, listened sweet. I spoke in five languages, heard the bird's...

Civic Duty

this is an attempt at a form, it isn't a perfect one, however I liked it, for the time being anyway.

Second You. Tube piece....

from "Brantley Goes Home!"

You Tube and back ground.

I'm looking towards You tube and performance due to a chap on here who does it! (blame him)

Hello all, a poem!

very rough, very much last night.... not edited. be warned...


31 of my comments have received 29 Great Feedback votes

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Posted on Sat, 29 Jul 2017

I'm lost in places with a culture gap, however the whole of it - is mind blowing.  

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Posted on Sun, 30 Jul 2017

you're good to go, so I shared you to tumblr.   Hope you don't mind, its a uk social media network, so you should go there well (cross fingers).  Love that accent!

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Posted on Wed, 22 Feb 2017

neat ending.  enjoyed!

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Posted on Sun, 22 Jan 2017

well done!

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I'm speechless

Posted on Sun, 09 Oct 2016

I'm not sure why you define this as a poem.  which is harsh.  and is what others have said to me.  Its honest, sure, yet it misses the mark for poetry for me.

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Posted in Kathmandu

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Posted on Thu, 25 Aug 2016

sounds like  a perfect reunion.  the poetry though, perhaps could do with a rethink.  some things you use twice could change...   such as eyes, worth...    perhaps once, and another word from a Thesaurus might add depth, and give better images...

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Posted in Worth The Wait

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its a haiku stream....

Posted on Fri, 12 Aug 2016

thank you.  I love the haiku.. and the tanka greatly :) 

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Posted in Coffee Moon Haiku Set

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claps :)

Posted on Wed, 09 Dec 2015

very nicely done, i thought that quote was down to a boxer...  I stand corrected.

thank you for sharing.

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Posted on Thu, 27 Aug 2015

lovely :)

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Posted in Through fragrant Esplanades

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yes minimal poetry.

Posted on Wed, 26 Aug 2015

Nicely done, reads very well. 

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