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General Appeal


thoughts, story lines etc.... bits i can add later - leggings 14

How long have they been on earth? As long as every story about them - every play - every song - every poem that warns us of the dangers.

Have a Cuppa Tea!

The decline of the round worm, why? a guess?

Water Tanks

Rich People Live Longer I'm wondering why the poor die younger? Is it simply because of poor diet, or health conditions or bad environment?

Some History of Lowestoft, Suffolk

In a sea-side down in Suffolk, in the cellar space of one of the shops, is a smaller street...

Talking Wednesday!

It's 4:35 on a wonderful grey Wednesday Morning and I've had my breakfast.

Religious Instruction!

"What does it take for you to believe in God?" he enquired confidently.

knitting dolls vest

how to knit a dolls vest - i've been making my own designs and passed them onto age.uk

Leggings - Second Result.

The second result from this online epic book is that the research on my family - on spinal bifida which I have, and which was resolved for me by...

Dereham Has Discovered Carlott!

This is a social experiment in progress in a nearby town, I've always been interested in social experiments - because when they are done informally - self subscribed too, etc, there is a lovely mix of intergration, and lots of commentaries about their situation in their buying.

My Past... Your Present.

taken from my medium post on... https://medium.com/@rosalind.j.lee/my-part-in-the-holocaust-2ab5e8ebf749 My Part in the Holocaust. It’s hard to...