Poetry of the elastic kind, circular and rubbery!


if... (not a rewrite of the old and wonderful version...)

10th day! the Snowplough

can nothing separate two souls in love...?

11 day

"Hello," he said smiling down, this tall man with a hidden frown betwen two beetle thick brows

3 poem - aweful poetry run....

Spin the bottle lazily, watch, anticipate; dance the down dilly down the old wooded lane. / Dance in the bluebells, in the sheaves arrow leaves; run down to the meir

3rd day poem :) nearly christmas!

another blasted christmas poem

4th day poem

a fairy typical poem

5th day of poems

more more more!

6th day poem for xmas

the christmas pudding

7th day pome

collision pome


heck a haiku is too short!

A Vendor's Tale of Old Books!

A Vendor’s Tale of Old Books! In the silence of the soul, Light is the essence of being. I wandered up the road today, parched pavement cracked. Time’s eternal magic carpet – an

A walk along a roadside nature reserve...

The Camomile flowers mix with Daisies, Buttercup and Broad Beans along the overgrown edge of the field

Another look back

All the time we've been bound hand and foot to the payment plan

Bad Egg

Bad Egg Someone boiled me a bad egg. It was ominously silent. Didn't say - outright it was a bad egg. Until the spoon hit the crust and the aroma hit the fire alarm and set all the sirens

Bad Egg

Bad Egg Someone boiled me a bad egg. It was ominously silent. Didn't say - outright it was a bad egg. Until the spoon hit the crust and the aroma hit the fire alarm and set all the sirens

Bad Egg

Bad Egg Someone boiled me a bad egg. It was ominously silent. Didn't say - outright it was a bad egg. Until the spoon hit the crust and the aroma hit the fire alarm and set all the sirens

before edit

oh er, i wrote a poem?


A form; Reverse Cinquain.

Between Friends!

sent to a popular ladies magazine..:) who once took a poem 'facially' and put it out with someone else's name...


poem I suppose


The billowed clouds, the ivory tusk,

Truth (poem)

Truth: Can be as clear as spring water - as innocent as rose tipped Daisies. Transparent as a n afterbirth held up to the light - to reflect the prisms of colour in the bell dome structure.


visitation... no answers here

Deja Vu

long story about this poem, I'd love your comments! It was entered for the Netherlands Radio poetry comp, in the year they did medical, and was seen on Doctor's sites in the uk for ages.

no title yet...

strange fantasy poem that been twice written on envelopes,and now is typed up on here... its so weird!


slightly daft poem.


ever been up close?

Happy Bits

short pomes

Let's Start Again

'Competition Entry'

Skim a Stone

You were cold. A stone - smooth to the hand.

Double Rose

I've been playing with this, for a night or two, not sure if it's good bad or ugly!

The Space Ship Shrink

"curls round corners in a delicious"

To the Fiends -

To the fiends we make with our words - .

My cat has fleas!

OH please don't scratch, Let me tickle your tum,

Princes of An Asian Race

supposed to be written by a child...? anyone out there help with a drum score?


A peculiar condumdrum for the victim her nose in the perpectual s... hole. Too respectable by half, it's claimed,

Early Morning Tragedy.... a first draft fun!

A poem - written off the cuff first thing this morning, it isn't much, its awful bad, lol. Well this is fun!

Safely come. (IP)

from the ip....

Three in One.

The tempest: My rose thorns your hand. A sculpture in a dark art,

Political Slander - Herbert - (IP)

a humourous look at the social scenery today...


My daughter likes parsnips!

penultamate verse

a verse a day late


on the subject of silence,

IP the world died etc...

cynical love poetry - not!

Rose poem

bad 2 minute poetry

draft - no.1


how to claim a title...

well not really, who would believe this would work, I mean it's like someone claiming they;d won a poetry competition who didnt...

Last supper

unfinished raddish


The french pour les pensées singulièrement privés set down in sin. "My love, my love, Come straight to me." for the ovalata sings it's charm, a symphony.

The Olympian kiss (IP: Wellwisher)

"It could be me, taking part, it could be . my brother, or son, or daughter or next door neighbour!"

draft pome - Visit from the Auditors

T.P left me his auditors; who came to check the books, in numbers large and magical, they pondered in black soot. The tales of them are legendary, the hearses are all arrayed



silly stuff... poem

What can one say to pardon the day, when tight up inside it's stormy weather? . What can I do to move on through; when deep interior hides the stark hits of light. ...

Grotsomes in the Bathroom!

Grotsomes in the bathroom, beware, beware, beware, they are up in the attic with a load of spyware. They bring in the nightmares: plural or in groups...

Fast flier

Fast Flier He flies the storm as high as the starlings in a blue sky. It amazes me the passage of life, the boundaries, the quagmire of relationships...

Lost in Discussion.

. The Rain Deer are in the garden; quietly once the night has stripped the light from the sky. They tip toe in. . Brown eyes keep a silent anquished...

Left the Pool

Left the Pool. Its barely cold, and outside the window the robin pccks up the worm in quick bites. Its almost too cold to think. Almost. Only the...

Carol will sing of many many things.

Oh the Toilet Botherers have been busy, informed half the bus driving world. Just ahead of Sunday when the Evilistic Preacher will be heard. All the...

Aftermath of Christmas. (a first draft thing)

Twas the day after Christmas and all round the house, the adults were snoring... loud as drunk skunk mouse... and in each home the litter was knee...

The Follower - Leggings ???

The Follower! In the town there is a woman who wants a sycaphant or two. Lately she's become demanding about being first in the queue. She stands too...

Frozen Daisies.

I Frozen Daisies on the grass, makes me think of ice and glass... How cruel your fingers as the stem breaks. Enclosed: their beauty soars past the...

Icarus Melted

Icarus Melted. It's naive to believe in the groundness of things. My eyes are half-closed, shielded against glare. it's a balance: a see-saw fulcrum...

the bench

The Bench. I saw the sun rise, from the bench at the core of the garden. The first beams of light span out like a half turned wheel - exploded the...

reflection - from the past ... Familiar Deeps.

Familiar deeps. Sun sanded beaches with semi-permenant wave by emoted ocean. . I float suspended in liquid space. Jellyfish touch my breast, my face...

Rain fall. 2nd edit.

Rain fall. I can write the rain. Simple in small words. Or can I make thunder roll- or the lightening curve? The music of the rain deters the mad hot...

from a letter to a grandchild... chaffinches...

I was standing in the kitchen washing the day go by all the dishes were in the sink, admist bright sunshine. . When all at once a flock of four...

Stonehenge - coloured (unfinished)

How the dryness of grass defeats us the sallowness of yellowed failure, flint edged catches at our deep pulled breath. Tears at the teeth of...

What little girls are made of...

Oh Mummy gets her crack from the C..... .. Team, When it's televised she'll get her dream. She has no choice - she has to do what she's told. They...

norwich - thoughts.

57 words: Norwich. A knight on horseback rides down St. Stephens street, his armour is tarnished from the bloody dragon. Flown from Dragon Hall...

Lace - poem

Lace is always old. An edge of a wedding dress, scarce worn over a bed of satin, stained at the hem. which swings as if it had life. At the market,...


Lavender - A French variety: butterfly topped. Sits in an old zinc pot. It smells of summer days in the old way. Blue. The roses beside it, are not...

Bucket Man!

John Davies "Bucket Man". based in UEA's Sainsbury's Collection. ............................. I grow up ........................n...

Favors - written for an online course

Favors. In days em-blazed old, when all were very bold - We, as Knights would chatter as we polished dusk. The glow of the fire, warmed our socks to...

New adaption: Psalm 23

Psalm 23 (modern version) A Psalm of David. The Lord cares for me, I shall never be in need. He creates a green environment for relaxation, he steers...

fruit - five times a day.

fruit - 5 x a day. Nectarines are smooth, as skin is to the touch. It's enticing to soothe the cut of warm flesh, peculiarly mellow. No peach could...

poem - no meaning implied.

Here's a shock! Mental block. Missed function. No luncheon. No meter, Nil greeter, Plead not guilty incredibly filthy. I'll be richer (one day) a...


Nightly. The dark of the night fits me

poetry draft, peacocks.

This is a gathering of ideas - and is not finished.

Secondary Self.

Secondary Self. My hair is a secondary part of me... Attached to the brain, it grows abundant, jubilant, regardless of racial tensions, in long...

Meanings... Bae


First Draft - A Moon of Bright Orange.

First Draft - A Moon of Bright Orange. I had hair like a princess - I had curls like a queen. I had dreams of the dark side. The worst of the night...


I had a brown mouse, bright, smart type. interlock wheel, smooth to the touch. . which glittered in the moonlight action. of my darkened hand. ...

Sonnet no: 4

a sonnet - shakespearian version.

The Battle of the Somme. (1st Draft)

The Battle of the Somme. The air was foul, thick and strong. The war was strung with barbed wire, the rats ran. The men who knitted, sang, smoked an...

A Myriad of Hope. poem 1st draft

A Myriad of Hope. A multitude of people walk by, intent on future career plans perhaps. A myriad of hopes. Their faces closed, glazed with fashion;...

Walk along an edge.

Walk along an edge. The edge is undefined, past customers who consume with indefinate indifference the delicacies of taste, past a border-line cut...

10 second memo poems - Instructions.

Instructions. Follow the path with a twisted tail. Hold on fast to the ornate rail. Watch the Marsh gas lamps subshine the way, this is the adventure...

3 haiku

counted and found wanting

Shopping Trip

smallest shopping arcade.... Dereham NORFOLK - in use as antique/second hand shops.

first draft, A quick flash

A quick 10 sec. poem.

Gladly - an old poem re-edit.

Gladly like the feathery motion...

pondering on nationwide adverts...

A building society jingle - a group of carol singing old white bearded men in trilby's...singing!

Hello all, a poem!

very rough, very much last night.... not edited. be warned...

You Tube and back ground.

I'm looking towards You tube and performance due to a chap on here who does it! (blame him)

Second You. Tube piece....

from "Brantley Goes Home!"

Civic Duty

this is an attempt at a form, it isn't a perfect one, however I liked it, for the time being anyway.

The Works Once... poem 1st draft.

The Works Once. I was the works once, bright, shiny, deep, took classes in earlier years, listened sweet. I spoke in five languages, heard the bird's...

Draft poem - It should be quiet!

It would be quiet.... Except for the electronic hiss... that preludes the odd job Gods in. A virus collage in a corner blooms - Life caught in spiral...


’Cession ‘Cession begins, Stops the worm In the field. Stops the thought That forms endless Wheels in air. Stops the sun. The wind, the rain. Spans...


If November ushers in the winter with the ice cold winds, and the dry star crossed skies are innocent… of sin, then why are we so transparent in our...


The Code. I awoke one morning On my forearms the code Of imprisonment and remembrance Came nearly intact to the surface. I wasn't sure if it was for...


please forgive me this one, its ages since I tried to write a poem, and this is the first real try out of my new computer - so.... Knowledge. It's...


Trees The trees stand at the edge of the garden fenced off from the Nature reserve. Tall thin red branched trees, slowly turning to brown. The spring...