To take into conformity and incorporate, as one's own, absorb.
Unconscious Alliance: waiting for nothing in return.
We only have forever sworn to secrecy.
That's hiding in plain sight; without form or void.
In an artificial, lifelike bird flying in sequence.
Watch as they disappear, separate only by time.
Now and not yet holding their absence in the twilight.
All is but a dream, and everything is so clearly real.
Yet, it still disappears like the morning.
So how can I make you remember this once-floating
Memory; when it hurts to remember; as we try to
Make sense of it all.
If only to keep this room in the past
You're still in it.
Having lost the starlight in your eyes,
always wishing to be somewhere else;
Turning away and returning underneath the skin.
Will you ever love yourself?
And learn to love again?
Beyond this moment.
So long lonesome: 
Where is your mind?
Now that we're assimilated?