Oops! Got to be Mo, freeze frame. Shit's all the same: but who’s blaming?

                         Rabbit chasing tortoise down a rabbit's trail; in slow motion.

                         Checks and balances for dividends policyholders stake their claim.

                         Cost-effective, from data retrieved; a moment in shock, almost in

                         Disbelief, this sensitivity vocal mute, spinning a sigh of relief.

                         Considering the source of choice, of course.

                         Since the damage has been done, flashes of urgency take 

                         A run; toward accountability as the helium evaporates behind the

                         smoking gun: a red door, finding convenience, has a looming

                         contingency at fingertips reaches with veracity, reflects off

                         then spins off black magic metallic acid charred as charcoal.      

                         Cold to the slightest Midas touch,

                         always in demand at one command;

                         in its chic two compartmental Leather attaché’ case inlaid with silk fish net with 

                         USB port. Filled with excitement at the newness of it all,

                         And never meant to be replaced, many miles in experimental trial and error.

                         Signal red; sending HP motherboard into hot frenzy overdrive dread, overload.

                         Warning signs no space available. 

                         Tension craws up the wall; where once a peaceful sign reverberates,

                         down the hall, as figures of geometry, calculus, algebra, and arithmetic,

                         swirling around as though a comic stripe from The Peanuts character.

                         Dubiety, to its music notes: on the keyboard, many megabytes, gigabytes,

                         Kilobytes, Terabyte, pre-second; Gigahertz data squeezes too tight.

                         Gibibyte, unit storing information: days, minutes, second, hours, copy,

                         Paste drag-drop: send to back up, new folder download, upload, gadget,

                         Gadget, nib bit grabs it Microsoft Store Edge, google window 10#

                         Update the latest software, space up, and delete the original.

                         Awe’ Hands behind the head, with fingers interlock while leaning

                         Back on the bed. With two pillows erected against the headboard, amazed.

                         at how simply this process has been.,

                         A move to adjust the comforter, then; then suddenly across the bed and

                        Onto the floor external hard drive with all its data. Oops!