The legacy one chooses to leave behind, in the memories of faded time.

Beneath the same sun from day to night, glimpses of the way beyond

Vanishing, as though absence from the conscious world, memories of time spent on earth. Those dreams that were once far-off beacons of the future at a cost. Life distant flickers, until small moments flow; waiting for the magic hour to glow. Starlight in your eyes, filled with hope. When compared to momentary scars, ocean waves fill the heart.

And runs like a river through canyons kin to liquid songs on the burning mountain long have we dream, when that day dawn, sounds of achievements and greatness become inspiring.

This invention should be held more delicately, as a favorite treat.

When a vision frost thaws, when summer heats off; the facts and the dreams, bliss and blast: the kind that makes you laugh.

Honor the work of a masterpiece.

Meanwhile, like the autumn season, leaves turn their way onto the stage of life. Chasing the changing season is all in a dream.