We Are One


              Never have you ever, been an unknown:    

              Your very presence arouses those animalistic instincts.

              Ravish and torn, in a demoralizing taste  clocked in

               Surveillance storm chaser: always under its radar.

             Uniquely as you are; so near yet so far: could the

             Bleeding dry on an open canvas, as stars fall from 

             The sky.  Even if an outcast by choice or society

                 Force, chosen to go it alone you’re never on your own.

              For who we are, you are, they are, us; magnetic

              Connected, besides what can they take, that they

              Never could give a cover-up aqua tears.

              A self-esteem confidence supreme:

              So it seemed, that they didn’t give, wolves howling

              Circling slanderous viper; while Jaguar’s dances in

              Our midst freeloaders, glitches, and medicated 

              Stitches, and refuse the on lashes, cover silence

              To suffer their woes and blows; from there  

              Self-inflated debase moral compass:

              A need for validation appears to be no escaping

              Their impulse, petite criticism serves only to fuel

              And empower their sick twisted views.

              To push you into isolation, label stigmatize.

             Meanwhile, they conspire and deny: 

             Hiding behind a guiles mask of the digital age;

             Upgrade bullying from the playground onto

             Incognito online clouds: bashing, crashing;

             YouTube video, beat down. Seeking to ruin your 

              reputation, so what’s up with those bullies?

              Per se, harassing persuasion, enticer;

              Only those like-minded bloggers hold to their base,

              are sure to agree with them.

              They seem not to understand nature the of falling

              beast; hurt people, hurt people: victims victimize

              when they don’t get treated, even when they think 

              there getting away; they sure to answer on judgment

              day. For tormenting their classmates whom 

              vilify what an honor to have suffered at their hands

              Yes it’s painful and hurtful, and hard to understand

               Their conspire purpose: can be consumed as a vitamin.

               An essential for your growth and maturity

               But someone who doesn’t like nor truly know you

               define your worth, is soul suicide even if all the

               world blogger, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram

               Social media: fans agree: still you shouldn’t 

               relinquish your dignity, life is more than a post

               or Instagram, tweet identity seek Gmail, AOL Yahoo!

               A wireless post online has made the drama.

               We are more than that: we are more than that.

               We are one!!