Story and Poem of the Week and Inspiration Point.

Spring is here and the cherries are ripening.  So many it's been hard to select the most succulent.

Rhiannon's poem is so vividly executed it transported me back to that special place - the North Pembrokeshire coastal path:

Parson Thru takes us on a stroll too in another eloquent snapshot of the travelling life - it;s our poem of the week: 

So many good stories - where to begin?  I must kick off with Airyfairy's humorous and profound slce of domestic and voting booth life:

Hudson Moon gave us another welcome episode from the Carven Danger mysteries - a sure fire way to cheer yourself up:

But I can't resist a bargan and Luigi's captivating triptych is an historical delight, full of Roman gossip.  It's our story of the week and there are 3 for the price of one to boot! :

Here's the inspiration point:

Have a great week!