Words of Wise Advice

Before you speak -

T is it True

H is it Helpful

I is it Inspirational

N is it Needful

K is it Kind 

( I discovered these words on a poster on a classroom door at Orchard Manor School in Dawlish when I visited yesterday, together with my elder daughter in order to take part in a tree planting ceremony on Holocaust Memorial Day.)

Orchard Manor is a school for children who have been diagnosed with autism, some of whom have additional issues. They have created a beautiful video of the morning, which is to be found on their website. A truly inspirational place.


That's good to see, Rachel. There's a prayer in the Bible asking for a guard over my mouth - words can do so much good, but so much harm in haste and thougtlessness! Rhiannon


It is certainly advice I would follow most of the time. However I can think of some small exceptions.

1. If I am talking with a friend and we are deliberately mocking something we have strong views on e;g the hypocrisy of Boris Johnson drinking and partying when he has asked all of us to stay at home and not take part in mass gatherings.

2. On rare occasions if I feel that someone has hurt my pride in a big way I will retaliate with angry words.

However most of the time I follow advice of T-H-I-N-K. It's easy. In fact, I  often do not even have to think about it.

'It's nice to be be nice'smiley