Barbican Reach -trance 7

barbican guest house

235 east citadel road


plymouth  drakes drum    band the drum

dreaming yada yada...


  im a barbie 

i wear my lippie

guys and dolls and us lot


yay   plymouth fishy neptuna squad


we went to southlands

notherly southerly yada  blow the winds of Change


pete seeger ewan mcoll kirsty peggy



politics she's an angry man

gotta truck on with the mowing

mule train chain

   and faith hope charity  

pie in the sky when we can      

But good Politica is a loyal Maid

And all Good Christian Soldiers are never afraid


(I love Art)

our father which ART in Heaven


I love the art of Trance

Blessed are us all



bless em all bless em all/the long and the short and the tall