cultural studies

Cultural studies

this was widely taught in universities and colleges.

it came and went


it is what we bring to the book

it is what we read into art

i love cultural studies

when i was a student i had never heard of the words cultural studies

i called it 'reading round the subject'

i was good at it

it is not a lazy study

it is what we put into to it

xxray schaufeld

early example of cultural studies is an the book Division street Chicago.

written by louis 'studs' terkel this all-embracing tome covers a street will all people from all streets and roads of Life.

the book is the street, the road, the lane, the row all pulled into a great big haversack.old young black white the lot.

it is positively main street, broad street, and nancy perriams fancy floating whisky boat.

gladys aylward steps up from her drinky slumber and says 'cheers bless god bless us all'xxray


cheers for reading, my friends xxray

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here is the very evidence-a full libraryxxray

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