trance - factory dance moves 10

trance   do you remember when

the eyemake up compacts


Maybelline   the factory at the Industrial Estate

Wembley Park

Bottom line money

50 per hour or 55p for 'going on the machines'


Santos the forelady make very rude moves with her hose when she washed the floor

I was surprized that Indiands could be as rude as us

Old Margaret


(Wilkinson  the Family  Rality TV

do you remember when and that music

ha ha ha   the Family Gary Karen Tom Timmy etc yaya

marrying bus driving budgies

Could make you cross that i'm mean what the Wilksonsons get out of it all

or were they in on the act)


don't know   whatever

Anyhow makeing up make up is boring

Bunty Naina Margaret Isabel

diodn't get a free one


Next forward step Grunwicks Strike Wildcats



or i could bring in radio music



cheers one and all!!