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The Road of a Thousand Tigers is Robert Craven’s sixth novel published independently on KOBO and Amazon platforms.

Inspired by the 007® franchise, The Road of a Thousand Tigers, ditches the gadgets, and big production endings of the Bond novels and introduces a romantic leading man; Sebastian Holt; a ‘combination of strength, culture and sensitivity’.
Two strong female characters; Marianne Aubuchon, a French journalist and Natalia Kvashnin, the lethal KGB agent, augment the plot – an initially simple trip to Paris to locate a missing CIA operative who may have gone rogue, evolves into a plot to destabilise the fragile French democratic government in 1958.

The Road of a Thousand Tigers in the Lee Child, Mark Dawson and James Patterson mould, doesn’t waste a single word in unnecessary ‘padding’ – the reader’s imagination is allowed free reign.  Craven pares down the plot to the bare bones, allowing the story to propel the reader through the action; almost ‘dropping’ the reader into the centre of the action. The important element of The Road of a Thousand Tigers is that women will enjoy reading the novel – it’s not exclusively for ‘The boys’. From the secretaries who act as the front-line in Whitehall and Westminster to the trainee agents going out into the field, each female character resonates with strength, independence and humour.

The Road of a Thousand Tigers is designed to take the fans of the adventure – Hard-boiled thriller on a journey back in time as well as deliver a fresh spin on the genre and create a more thoughtful, intelligent kind of thriller and principal character: Sebastian Holt.

Book blurb

Set in the era of Bond and for fans of Lee Child, meet Sebastian Holt.

Holt is a troubled man. Adrift after a mission in Egypt that didn’t go according to plan he’s returned to London. Enter Case Officer Petrie with an offer: travel to France and locate a missing CIA asset named ‘Cochise’. Sounds easy? Holt agrees and flies into Paris only to collide with a beautiful French journalist who isn’t all she seems to be and the KGB hunting ‘Cochise’ down. From London, Paris to Tel Aviv, Holt finds himself running out of options and out of time on the road of a thousand tigers.

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