Hey new to writing, and thought id give it a go. Surprised by how much I enjoy it, and would love to take it further.

Writing this storey at the moment, one step at a time. The storey hasnt even been finalised in my mind, and I make some things as I go along. Some suggestions on how to continue would be fantastic.

Id suppose id describe this as a accesbile fantasy. I say this beacsue im trying to keep the world i have created 'realistic' and not wander off into 'surrealism' that I find a lot of fantasy does. If anyone is familiar with Magicians Guild, or Dune than you may notice some 'borrowed' ideas. Also ideas from video games inclusing Final Fantasy series and the Elder Scrolls are included also. Some people may even notice the blatant stealing of certain aspects of the plot, if you are very astute that is.

I like the storey I have created and the world, I think my main problem is style and creating the scene. Perhaps some people can give advise on improvementss,,,

go on be brutal - this is just a hobby after all.

Hope you like it


It's a good start-I liked the descriptions in the first paragraph of the prologue. Keep it up-practise makes near perfect :)