I am scared of me?
No, I am scared of you!
So scared of you,
I worried of what I might do

I might end up hurting myself more than you.
You discourage me.
I run away quietly
I need to make myself free.
Free from what I might say to you in the end.
I thought the pain would go away,
but with you,
It has just begun.
It seems it's here to stay.

I'm quite
and run.
I run away
I want to free myself from you.
I think you're evil.
I know I'm not wrong
While you continue to sing the same song.
Your smile is deceptive. I know you and now you're my rival
You're the enemy
I can see
What you have done to others.
Forcing them to take cover.

Like the demon in RHR,
You start problems and are destructive.
You enter people's lives smoothly,
but in the end you're eruptive.

Because of you I stay on my knees,
Beggin' the Lord, Please
Help me deal with this mess
and pray I pass this test.

So stay where you are!
It is not fair to them or me.
I am not with them cause I have ran so far.
My family is gone
Thanks to you, I'm not where I belong.
Not with those who love me
Because of you they say
I have done them wrong

But why should I be surprised?
When intently you set out to despise,
Me, others who pose a threat to you.
I tried but failed, what else am I suppose to do?

I run, I cry, I fear you!
I allowed your capability
Shame on me
I hide myself, my hostility
Towards you.
No thanks to you
My surroundings are new.
No thanks to you
I have had to search for other things and people to pursue.
Fear has brought me here.

Because of my fear for you I have nothing to own
Nothing of my own.
I am silent now, but it will be known
You are a thief!
A thief of what was a happy home.

Thanks to you,
I now live in fear.
Away from them
Those who I hold so dear.

F = False
E = Evidence
A = Appearing
R = Real