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The last games for a contestant


A lost soul

Full Time Fiction

Maria had always lived near the border, she regretted not going to university like her sister, to make that break is so much easier when you are...


I had been discharged, demobbed. It was , and is, hard to believe after so long. I detested my time in the Army and in the whole conflict, but I also...

Match Day

One more game...m


MAX It was always the first job of the morning that was the toughest. Maxwell O'Connor. would only just get in and then find that due to his...

Mistress and Servant part Three

The end of the first month came quicker than Celeste had anticipated. She rang the bank to check that the BACS payment had gone through. As she...

Mistress and Servant two

The first few weeks wore on for Celeste, she accepted the rules, no mention, no giving out the house number and only using her mobile at lunch or in...

Mistress and Servant Part 1

The white house it was always called. Not because it had any particular connection to government but because years ago when it was built it's stark...

Petra and the Garden

It was years ago that my grandfather decided to give up alcohol. In a fit of evangelical zeal he decided to renounce it completely and from then on...


She ran out of the building hugging the metal case, and without looking behind her, went down the steps. There were at least a hundred steps, she'd...

The Horseshoe

A symbol of good luck? Or not?

This is Derby 2014

Michael looked at his reflection in the glass. He wasn't in the best shape for forty eight; getting baggier around the eyes, and larger around the...

To The Cathedral Part 1

There was soon no sign they had camped at all. Everything had been cleared and the wood for the fire had been buried in the sand as best they could...

To The Cathedral part 2

Elena and Chara , despite the age difference, had got on well since joining up. Elena had been rejected initially ( no proof of age) but joined...