Prisoner of my own thoughts

Prisoner of my own thoughts . Imprisoned and caged unable to fly. Help is what I need . Help is what I seek . 
Unfortunate am I to not be able to break the bars of the prison Iam in .. waiting for it to be unlocked .. for I have been here for way too long .. 
come and free me from this horror I plead to god , for if I remain here , I will perish , each piece of me parting away slowly,
To be caged is to feel a head full of thoughts unable to sleep unable to work unable to attain peace . 
The what ifs and what if nots , the choices, good and bad , the bleak future that sprouts uncertainty,  encircle around me like a hurricane .
Free me for I want to live in the present 
Free me for I want to embrace what the future holds for me without bearing the brunt of the past
Free me from the hurricane 
Free me for Iam a prisoner of my own thoughts.