Smoking Ban.

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Smoking Ban.

That got your attention. A health minister on TV just now: "There IS strong feelings about a smoking ban." She didn't say "There's" which is now commonplace but still wrong. A member of fucking parliament for chrissake! I'm going to form a pressure group and fire off letters to all and sundry who commit this evil.
'I can stand brute smoking - that only hits one's health, what I cannot abide is brute grammar that is hitting below the intellect.' Apologies to Oscar Wilde.
By the way - good news about a total ban on smoking in all public places eh? I know it hasn't happened yet, but will.

It's about time. Snuffling up other people's smoke and stepping on their still-burning cast-off butts really hacks me off . Nasty, filthy habit. I agree about 'there's lots of problems' kind of grammar, but the classic 'haitch' still tops my list for poor grammar.
As Archie Bell and the Drells sang: 'Here I go Again', I lived with an Irish woman for 5 years and she and all the Irish people I met pronounced aitch with an aitch in front of it. She would write aitch but pronounce it haitch. And films 'fillums' But she was rather gorgeous, intelligent and wise. I can forgive the gorgeous anything , save getting fat and old and ugly. Like me.


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