I am new here too

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I am new here too

Hello everyone

I am also the new kid on the block but look forward to contributing to the forums. I live in Suffolk UK and would be interested to get to know any other Brits in the UK. That does not mean I am not cosmopolitan by any means but I do know many of these sites are situated in America.

I have returned to writing in a big way, doing courses, writing a detective novel and trying to write a comedy for the Writing College. Also interested in writing for children. I have also written articles and commissioned to write another for This England so all sorts of things are happening. I work voluntarily for a local trust in Sudbury, Suffolk where I might be invited to help to write the history of the River Stour. As that song that helped the Labour Party to win, Things can only get better. I am also interested in writing scripts, I plan to be like an egg, I hope, versatile although I might specialize. The nicest thing recently is I have found a kindred spirit in the writing world up the road.

Mum and I own two beautiful cats, one a Burmese, the other a marbled tabby Bengal, both quite adorable. In fact my Burmese is keeping me company on the stool beside me. I have a little corner by the back door. At the moment, it is bright and sunny with a thin veneer of snow on the slabs, not my sort of weather at all,seen too much of it when I was at school in Aberdeen.

Oh in case anyone is wondering what Widget means, it is friendly sprite, a nickname given to me by my father. Might now be a little large to be called a sprite but I hope I am still friendly. As I said, I would like to get to know other veterans and newbies on the site. Regards Widget

Fiona Johnston
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Hello, Blue I am getting out there more as you put it, having started working voluntarily at a local river Trust in Sudbury, River Stour to be precise and now met a few more like minded people, what is more, it is a wonderful team as well and I have hit it off well with all of them. In fact I cannot remember being happier. Currently between writing my novel, I am now typing out the written summaries from the press cuttings being pasted in scrapbook by Jonathan O Connell. It is a lovely intimate environment although it is anticipated thta we will eventually be migrating to the new Visitors and Education Centre at Great Cornard but I see no harm in getting ahead of the game. Also it has given me ideas for my other work as well. Ciao, Fiona
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You need to get out more! But ok your sound like a good writer.
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