Random idea to consider!!

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Random idea to consider!!

Hi all

I had this really random idea the other night, and it would be great if you guys tell me what you think.
Okay, so each person who wants to participate could sign up (somehwere!!?) and we could draw lots to pair up people. So for the rest of the week, this person can be your source of feedback. The pair can choose to communicate on this forum, or privately, by email, or just simply read/comment on someone else's work for a week.
Just for some reading diversity, you know?
And getting to know some new people...
So, if anyone's interested, we could try it out for a week, yeah? And it's not as if you're tied down to this person or obliged in any way to answer them; it's just for a bit of fun.
So please guys...support, feedback, advice, ideas...?

I like it :)


Could work, although it might be tough if you get paired with someone whose work you really don't like, not because it's bad, but because it's just not your cup of tea, like if you really don't like sci-fi for example. I guess the way feedback is phrased is the key.