night factory trance 12

Metal Box   Perivale   Bang clang the shutters


the works leaver do of Reg Sweeney

a dapper old rogue


Reg has drunk in the Hop Bine

the Century   the football place


here we are drinking lads and lasses

BOTTOMS UP burby hic heigh ho


raise your glasses to lynette revelle with her short skits and shoes

me dancing spirit in the sky

at Minys youth Club

some time back

Norman Greenbaum

Harrow on the Hill near Northwick Park Hospital


the machiners are drinking   chudleigh who works the aggy newell

turner on the Jog Bore


Dale Moore in the Turner


the planer the lather


time sheets

but here we are

drinking to Nayna

   the future lalalala Nayjnha

dancing up our street

Nayna Leicester lass light on her feet

Nayna drinking lighter on our  purse

eyes of jade green


Neenaw the |Police Clydesdale stops for Naynas sugar

so sweet like Adelina

daughter or cuz of Lina Stoli

  Martina Lockney was she a green collen


Bingo Legs


the SWORD  the Shielding


Hawick Common Ridings


Nayna waits for applause


Silence is a rustling sound on the steel breeze pf Mick Fleetwood


Leon Fuse Records


James Weaver stays behind to guard the WORKHOUSE


Bus Home


Ginger SAndie spewed in the lav

the Scotch and American Drinkers see her right

I take the bus home alone


Metal Box 


tattir bye




cheers me old drayhorses keep reading


and special views of ravin rodeo big kerry nicos recovery frisky pony


trarzy one and all cheers dzincourriyay

I love us all. we are in the front vanguard of the fame revolution!!