You Crossed My Sky

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You Crossed My Sky

I've written a rather large story and posted it online a few months back now, called 'Guardians'. I asked for help and was given some fantastic feedback, but the story is so big I was afraid to start rewriting it straight away. This led me on to writing short stories about what I know best; stories and experiences that I've had with my friends and family. It's been really enjoyable and strangely emotional at times, but the experience has been great practise for my story writing.

I started looking for an area to post them in and found this wonderful website called You Crossed MY Sky. or .com

Which seemed to sum up all the things I was writing about, it's a completely free website and In their blurb they explain;

'During our lifetimes we will never run out of the endless opportunities to say something profound to our loved ones but we find it easier to stifle our inner feelings into bite-sized sentences. Sometimes an 'I love you!' or a 'thank you!' a 'sorry!' or an 'I miss you!' is simply not enough.

You Crossed My Sky provides the perfect platform for personal expression in its simplest form. Finally, an arena in which we can express how we feel without the worry of uncomfortable silences, interruption or the simple lack of eloquence'.

Take a look. It's quite a new site, but a lovely one to read, explore and use. If you have a love of friends and family and the idea of practising your story writing by recounting a unique moment you've shared and then go on to explain how important they are in your life is appealing, then this definitely foryou.

The wonderful thing for me was how liberating it felt and the feedback was even better.

martin beatt