World's Most Stupid Man?

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World's Most Stupid Man?

This is about a guy in
Croatia who needed to clean his chimney and didn't
have a brush long enough to do the job. So being a bit
of a thinker who thought outside the zone; he thought:
'OK it's not long enough to go up; but; if I dropped
it down the chimney, no problemo. But it's not heavy
enough; what do I have that's small enough and heavy
enough to take the brush down. Ah - the old hand
grenade I've kept from the war.' (You're racing ahead
of me.)

'How to affix the grenade to the metal part of the
brush' he thought. 'Ah I know, I'll get the
blowtorch.' And surprisingly when he applied the
blowtorch to the hand grenade it exploded. Something
to do with the gunpowder inside probably. His chimney
was left smoking as was he. Oh it just made me laugh.
There is an award called The Darwin Award that
celebrates those that have improved the gene pool by
removing themselves from it. He won.

Runner up was a guy from Wales who promised to cut
off his gonads if Wales won a particular rugby
match. They won. He ended up in hospital
in a serious condition. The hospital said that they
weren't sure if he was drunk with excitement, or just
drunk. 3rd. was a guy in Africa who was fed up with
elephants trashing his maize field and wondered how he
could scare them off. 'Ah, there's a minefield near
here, I'll go and dig some up and plant them around
the maize field.' Fill in the rest yourself.

You know I'm not OK. But this is the year of recovery.


I googled the site after this second posting, and my twelve year old and I whittled away quite some time. There are some really stupid people out there...
Sorry Pesky, I assumed you'd seen my postings regarding my losing battle with booze. And yes my first posting of the same story was while under the influence of alcohol. I just didn't remember. It's called blackout. But I'll never give up on giving up.


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