Medals Table Update 11/11/12

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Medals Table Update 11/11/12


Without taking anything away from the victor, to win with 10 Gold Medals (an average of 2 per Heat out of a possible 25) is testament to how closely fought this competition was, right up to the finishing line. Those further down the Table need feel no shame.

There was not a single incident of two people voting the same way, which shows there are as many opinions about what constitutes good poetry as there are poets.

[10G 4S 8B] Ben Clark

[9G 13S 5B] Russell Turner

[9G 11S 6B] Stephen Jeffery

[8G 7S 10B] Mark Kilburn

[8G 5S 4B] Brenda Legge

[8G 5S 0B] Marion Hammond

[7G 7S 4B] Joseph Lawrence

[6G 8S 3B] Maxine Kendall

[6G 4S 4B] Richard Penny

[6G 3S 5B] Edward Terry

[5G 7S 9B] Alex Tomlin

[5G 5S 5B] Francis Hayes

[5G 3S 7B] Christine Clatworthy

[5G 1S 4B] Rhiannon Weber

[4G 7S 2B] Phyllis McKenna

[4G 5S 8B] Ewan Lawrie

[4G 1S 5B] Simon Whitworth

[3G 7S 5B] Linda Cress

[3G 6S 8B] Elle Pryor

[3G 0S 2B] Luigi Pagano

[2G 4S 5B] Kim Downing

[2G 3S 4B] Mark Boyd

[1G 3S 7B] John Nandy

[1G 3S 3B] Tanya Jones

[1G 3S 1B] Pia Lenau

[1B] Alexandre Nodopaka