Any volunteers?

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Any volunteers?

I have posted one rather long story on this site, and whilst its been read 30 times (I just checked) and i requested feedback. No ones fed anything.

I know my tale is a drop the ocean, only less important (And usually i avoid cliches like the plague)

But out of 30 people i'd of thought one would've responded.

What does it take to move someone enough to actually write about someones writing?

Perhaps its not good or awful enough to warrant discussion.


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Hi Yojimbo Probably best to post on the first forum, the Discuss Writing from ABC Tales one. If you request feedback on registration it just means that people will be able to give you a star rating on your piece. Request feedback on the other forum (gently) and give the URL of your piece (copy and paste it from your browser inserting < and > at either end) and I'm sure you'll get lots of response. People who give feedback on other people's pieces are most likely to get reciprocal feedback. Good luck!
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Will check it out when i have time tomorrow. Friday 19-sept and post reply.
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Thanks for that! There's a post on the Discuss writing from ABC forum advising feedback is better asked for here. Matter of opinion i suppose. Much like my request. How profound!!? The above is it. All comments welcome. Though anything particularly scathing i'd rather be e-mailed. [%sig%]
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Hiya! I've just read "Wednesdays..." and I thought it was good - interesting in a kind of simple way... I think I'm going to have to read it again though before I can give you a constructive response - I will try and get something to you over the weekend. Thumbs up tho'. x [%sig%]
cleveland w. gibson
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Yojimbo I'm new to this site. In the last four weeks I've posted four short stories on another site and they all had an excellent response. While I'm on this site I look at ways people need help or information. Like you. I looked at a site sent to me by the Arts Council. Navigate your way around it and aim for the short stories uncut. People past their stories in there and get a good response. Like I said I'm new to this site and have to pick up the feel of things. Best wishes with you writing.
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