Story and Poem of the Week and Inspiration Point

Two very different pieces for this week!

Story of the Week is a real treat - Noo's mini-collection of four short pieces entitled 'I will change.  I promise.'  Subtle and rich, each piece draws the reader in, and the whole stays with you long after you've read it:

Poem of the Week is winking_tiger's deceptively simple 'Anecdote'.  It's part of a series of linked pieces dealing with a break-up, and this one recounts a less dramatic but quietly heart-piercing aspect of the situation:

Don't forget our Reading Night in York on 22 September!  We're compiling our list of readers so please do let us know as soon possible if you would like a place - or, of course, if you just want to come along and enjoy the evening.  Details are here:

And this week's Inspiration Point is here: