Story and Poem of the Week and Inspiration Point

Happy New Year!  It feels a bit like tempting fate, but I'm determined to be optimistic.  

Our Story of the Week is 'Because of the Color' by cliffordben502.  One reader described it as 'pretty much perfect' and I'm with them all the way.  Not a word is wasted, and the characters and places come vividly to life:  Because Of The Color (Short Story) | ABCtales

Poem of the Week is 'DILLIGAF?' by Ewan.  It's very funny, but its commentary on the obsessions of our times is spot on:  DILLIGAF?* | ABCtales

This week's Inspiration Point is here:  Inspiration Point: Writing Cues To Battle Writer's Block | ABCtales

Thank you all for being here in 2020.  May your 2021 be the best it possibly can be.