York Reading Night - Please Read!!

Sadly, the weather and other things have conspired against us and so we have had to call off the formal reading part of tonight.  Thanks to all those who have tried to make it!  However, there will still be an informal get together for any ABC Talers who are in the area, from 7pm in the Black Swan, which is still a chance to meet fellow writers and chat about your work.  


The Reading Night!  Thank you to Insert and especially Airy Fairy who organized the event.  Unfortunately, the weather forecast put people off as it was meant to be very bad but those of us who did make it had a really wonderful evening. It was so nice to put faces to names and we found there were so many connections between us all it was really quite uncanny.

So, if another event is planned do your very best to get there as  I can say with all confidence you won't be disappointed.  This latest event was my third and I loved it.  So thank you so much Airy Fairy and Insert for giving me and Peter another really enjoyable evening.

Moya x