the accused

The Accused.

It’s half time and 2-1 to the prosecution so far. Other results are just in.

J’Accuse and the Dreyfus affair: with Zola popping up in the box to leave it wide open. And there are obvious parallels between in the beginning was the word (GOD) and, every …had a beginning, a middle and an end, but not necessarily in that order (Godard) and Waiting for Godot: a dull 0-0 draw.

Jimmy McGovern also left it late. Helen played by Julie Stevenson was barely in the dock before she’s said ‘I did it’. Game abandoned. I hung about to see what kind of middle class jinx she’d been up to. Seems she’d burnt down a factory. It’s snow fair one witness was heard to remark. Ok I made that bit up, but it does seem topical. Her son had been killed she’d explained. She’d been lied to and let down and she could no longer be hurt. I was hurt. This was the poorest of the three I’ve watched so far.

Three to go. I’m betting it will be 3-3.