The Accussed BBC 1. 9pm

I like Jimmy McGovern. I like The Accused. His production company creates a drama and sells it to BBC. They give it a prime spot. Prime billing. I watched the last series. It’s formulaic. Someone’s ‘The Accused’ and the first question that needs to be answered is who? The flip side of this is who is the non-Accussed? Because the dead don’t make good witnesses it’s usually the guy or girl that has been seen in the opening scenes, but is no longer evident. In this case we see Sean Bean who plays Tracey. This is ‘Tracey’s Story’ and Tracey is a transvestite who is having it off with a little scouser. They’re in love. Well Tracey’s in love. And it’s sheer poetry: ‘The Lady of Shalot,’ gets big licks. When Tracey finds out his little scouser friend’s wife isn’t dead, as he was originally told, then she soon is. He can’t bear for her to know his dirty secret. The scouser kills her. The truth is as ugly as Sean Bean as Tracey, but we know it’s true and we know the motive. What we don’t know going into the finale is why Tracey is in the dock. Then we find out. She’s being accused of aiding and abetting. She’s being accused of murder. The last series of The Accussed was very good. This is the better than any of them. I look forward to the next one.