Adventureland (2009)

Adventureland (2009) written and directed by Greg Mottola has a simple premise: a middle-class boy, (Jesse Eisenberg) and preColumbian grad has to go and work in his local amusement park and mix with the natives. I actually worked at the shows in Butlins for a year so I can tell you this film is brilliant. Most rides look complicated, but, hey you just press a button. The live in staff know all the scams and how they are worked. Everything is free, but costs money. And the biggest baddest thing about it was…shock…horror…there were girls there. This film captures the pettiness and backstabbing. Kristen Stewart as ‘the one’ is pretty, but not unreachable. That is Lynn P and she is hot and sleazy, but only when she dresses down. That’s also true. There is a lust list and some girls were so high up on it that it hurt to look at them. Then you had a few and wished upon a star, but that’s another unwritten novel. Very, very, good film. I’ll need to see if I can pull down the screenplay.