Beowulf (2007)

Beowulf (2007). What do you do if you’ve got an old English/Germanic epic poem, which nobody reads, celebrating the legendary Scandinavian hero Beowulf? The answer is obvious turn it into an animated action moved, using real actors such as Ray Winstone, Angelia Jolie, turned back into animation, which, not surprisingly is entirely life-like. The next step is to cut out the human element, but that’s boring, and if we are going to see a simulacrum of a naked witch/demon, it might as well be one the audience can recognise as Angela. With lust and beauty there can only be one outcome and that is a let down…of despair. In this case I can imagine the writers Neil Gaimain and Roger Aviary trying to pitch it to producers and, in some ways, which might have been more interesting than the film. What can I say? Beautiful women, swords, dragons, succubus and sorcery ah, takes me back, wonderful.