Black Swan (2010) directed by Darren Oronofsky (watched on DVD).

This is a story about possession, obsession and the search for perfection. Nina Sayers (played by Natalie Portman) is all of these things and a bit more as well. Her life is ballet and is being relived vicariously through her mother Erica (Barbara Hershey) an ex-ballet dancer. In a telling exchange Nina reminds her that she was 28 when she gave birth to her, so her claims of having to give up ballet…In a prior scene Erica offers her a slice of birthday cake, which is refused. Nina scratches herself, cuts herself and is bulimic and possibly anorexic, so this is no real surprise, but her mother’s reaction of threatening to dump the whole cake in the bin forces a capitulation. Mum wins, as she always does, and Nina eats a slice of cake. The balance of power shifts, however, when Nina wins the lead role for Swan Lake. Thomas Leroy (Vincent Cassel) the impresario and queen maker of the production calls her his little princess and tells her he’s sure she can play the part of the white swan, but it’s a dual role that must also bring out her dark side. He gambles on her beauty and ability. Lurking in the background is Mila Kunis as understudy and literally the Black Swan. She is everything Nina is not. She takes drugs, drinks alcohol, is sexually promiscuous and in a stunning scene eats out Nina’s vagina in her pink girlish bed and has her bucking for more. Later the viewer find out this didn’t actually happen. It was just a projection and as Nina becomes more unhinged the viewer is left asking the same question about most everything else. It gives a dark complexity to the storyline and makes it stand above the usual drivel.