The Body Farm BBC1 9pm

The Body Farm BBC 1 9pm. Forensic science is the new hairdressing and beautician kind of thing everybody kinda knows about and wants to do. We can’t all be Kathy Reichs, or the English version, Patricia Cornwall. The body farm is, as far as I can remember, a place in the US, where human bodies were left to rot, be eaten by insects and grow into the soil like any other piece of meat to see what kind of patterns emerged. With the added use of DNA the technician had at his/her fingertips the kind of deductive powers that would have shamed Sherlock Holmes.

Keith Alan is the kind of flaky detective that keeps pushing forward until he establishes THE TRUTH. I was surprised that the show is billed as a spin off of Eve Lockhart played by Tara Fitzgerald in Waking the Dead, but then you only have to look at the cadaver. The models for Waking the Dead are specially produced and cost tens of thousands. Ditto. The Body Farm. So we really know where the bodies are buried. Have a cadaver. Make a drama.