Buddha in Suburbia

Buddha in Suburbia BBC 2 7pm, but only in England. BBC 2 Scotland had Dad’s Army, you know that programme they put on when they think nobody is going to watch this, so we’ll put it on, anyway. Buddha in Suburbia was, however, well worth watching. Not many families have the eleventh Lelung Rimpoche, one of Tibet’s three highest Lamas, living in Ruslip, in their garden shed. The Dusek’s have. It beats having a tortoise, but, of course, there are problems. You need a bigger shed. And the High Lama is always rushing off to the Tibetan government, exiled in India, in order to get approval to travel to Mongolia and Tibet itself to try and find the lost scrolls, the written dharma of his predecessors outlining their path to enlightenment. The lineage and practice of the faith, is also about more than words on paper, he’s instructed to listen to the old monks in these inaccessible places, to learn from them, so that their teaching, their linage can also be passed on. Dad's army in Tibet, no less.