Death of Jamie McGuire, What Happened in Vegas. The Commitments

The death of Jamie McGuire and somebody else. Marion told me that Jamie McGuire was dead. And so was …As soon as she told me the other guy's name I forgot it. I said I didn’t know him anyway. Somebody else told me Jamie McGuire was dead and …was also dead. He assured me I’d known him as well. I’ve been going to funerals all week, not sure if I’m at the right one. In the old days, of course, you partied all night as a sign of respect and to make sure you were burying the right person. That’s all changed now.

I didn’t really know Jamie. I know his son Squig, but I don’t know his real name. Squig played for every team in Dalmuir, but never really got a game because he was the skinniest guy born this side of Biafra. His dad used to referee some matches. He was pretty good. I never really thought about it. Then his daughter died in a fire. And his wife died later. She was an alky, or so I heard. I never met the woman.

Jamie ended up an alky too. He’d five houses. One in the flats One up in Drumy. One somewhere else. Who is counting anyway? The stupid thing was they used to pay him the rent money and he was meant to be responsible and pay it into his landlord’s account. Jamie wasn’t stupid. He ended up sleeping in the top closes of the high flats. Our Robert let him stay a few nights. I didn’t like it. Jamie was harmless, but he was minging and he didn’t have anything. The last time I saw him I was in the petrol station filling up. He wandered over. I think he asked me for 13p, but I gave him a pound. Jesus owes me 87p. May Jamie and …rest in peace.

What Happened in Vegas (2008) Surely that should have a question mark? That would be my first observation. My second would be if I were married to one of the skannky second brood of Charlie’s Angels, but was trying to keep my marriage to Demi Moore secret by Facebooking pictures of her ass is this a good move? Think The Odd Couple with nobody playing the Walter Matthau role. Throw in Jack Lemmon and How to Murder Your Wife, but add a bit of role reversal because it's Cameron Diaz that’s the bull in the finance markets. Bet the $3 million dollars that they won on a fruit machine that they end up looking into each other’s eyes and realizing this has been a huge career mistake.

The Commitments 1991 based on Roddy Doyle’s best seller, but I’m not sure if it was a best seller before the film. No matter. This is the real thing. This is a comedy that is funny. A mythical Dublin were ponies roam free on the range and everybody has a cheeky face and something to say for themselves is a delight and the music, ah, the music that carries the whole shebang is still playing in my head. I’m sure Jamie McGuire and Squig were in it and that guy…