El Classico 2

El Classico 2 – Real Madrid 2. Should have won. Could have won. Didn’t win. It’s the worst feeling in the world. I was watching bits of the Liverpool vs Man City game. I missed the first thirty seconds. That was long enough for Higuain to miss a chance. Ronaldo missed. The ball comes into the box, a header missed from three yards, hits the Barca keeper Valdes bounces out and hit another Real player. Real hits the framework of the post and bar and it bounces off the line. They do everything but score. Messi runs at the defence. Pedro scores with his first hit. Just before half time Alves scores a postage stamp wondergoal. The kind of goal that you imagine when you were a kid, only better. The game is over. It is only a matter of seeing out the second half and how many Barca will score. A chip through the middle. Ronaldo scores. Benzema, a sub, bullies the defence and scores. Fourteen minutes to go. Barca can’t keep the ball. They look fragile. Should have won. Could have won. Didn’t win. Glorious defeat. Real go out. This is a Scottish trait.