End of 'The Slap' BBC 4.

The Slap BBC 4. Richie’s Story. (Blake Davis) I never knew Ritchie had a story. This is the last episode of the slap and it has probably been one of the best things on TV this year. It’s right up there with the trilogy of different Wallanders (obviously not any of the British efforts) and The Killing. Richie was a peripheral figure, on the outermost rim of the outmost rim of the pebble that was the original slap. The viewer knew that it was him that was making the phone calls to Hector, but Hector didn’t know who it was. Voice-overs have been a bit of a pain, but worked here. Richie’s angst, however, whilst trying to have a quick wank with a copy of Playboy in his other hand came off (ahem) only when he brought out the picture of Hector sitting by the pool. It was the very same picture that the ever lovely Connie had stolen from Hector’s house. The fact that he is gay and fancies Hector ups the ante. Connie too caught up in her boyfriend’s world and ignoring him pushes him over the edge. I'm not suggesting here antes have edges, at least not before Hector catches him taking pervy pictures of him at the public swimming pool. He blurts out that Hector raped Connie to Rosie and Gary and they march him straight to snooty Aisha’s surgery. The Slap ends with the cricket bat being found by Hector in the undergrowth and Aisha coming home. Hector’s downfall, is of course, overstated. Richie, overreacts and like any good adolescent takes an overdose. The voice-over tells the viewer he wants to live for three reasons and the magic genie lets him. Wonderful acting. Wonderful story. Wonderful series. My own pervy secret is I liked Connie best. Oh no, now I need to kill myself, or so the voice-over said, but that might just be my girlfriend