Feast of Love FilmFour

Feast of Love (2007) FilmFour is the kind of film that you can watch while reading the paper and patting the dog. If you haven’t got a dog, get a dog. One of the nicer scenes is when Bradley (Greg Kinnear) goes to get back the dog that he bought for his wife Katherine’s birthday. He needs the dog, because his wife has left him for another woman and well, he just needs that dog. Uncle Bradley, however, can’t get the dog because everybody in the family loves the dog and they’ve bonded with it-so the door is shut on Bradley’s face. Bradley resorts to breaking into the house and bribing his preteen nephew so that he can steal the dog. It’s that nice kind of movie that’s on late at night so that they can show lots of beautiful naked women, but in an artistic way.

Morgan Freeman doesn’t get naked. That would be absurd. Old people don’t generally get naked as I should know. He narrates as Harry Stevenson in a kind of God like voice, which is the voice of Morgan Freeman, which used to be the voice of Henry Fonda, but he died. A curious thing about Morgan is that he is a kind of mottled grey brown colour onscreen, but is always married to a white woman, in this case Esther (Jane Alexander). Morgan is out at 3am walking, because he can’t sleep and talking like God about the before-time when gods created men and women because they were bored, mixed in a bit of love, and when they tasted a bit flung in laughter. So it’s about love and tragedy, after all it’s 3am and God can’t sleep.

‘The tragedy of the man not set up for tragedy-that is the tragedy’.

So what is God’s great tragedy. I’ll just tell you and cut out the boring bits. His son was a junkie! Well not really a junkie. He was a doctor, of course, and well Harry and his wife didn’t know and if he did they’d have saved him. The good thing is it gave him plenty of time to mope about.

God did his moping about in Bradley’s café, which is lucky for us, because that is where everybody meets. Oscar (Toby Hemmingway) works there. When Chloe (Alexa Davalos) comes in. Instant Karma coffee and they fall in love. Oscar, of course, dies, but hey it’s fated and God’s not perfect. By that time of course Bradley has met his lasting love (having worked his way through a few temps). The lasting love tries to revive Oscar, who has had a heart attack, by smacking him playfully on the chest area. She is playing a doctor, but mouth to mouth might look too much like kissing. That’s pretty much it. The carousel of love comes to an end. Everybody but the dead people are happily in love. God adopts Chole and the inevitable love child and ask them to come and live in his home. If you see the white light Chole, run like fffff the other way. (Sorry Dylan, that's plagiarism and that's an in joke which I don't even get.)

Incidentally, with all those beautiful naked woman raoming about the most erotic was when the shot stop comes in from the soft-ball game and touches Katherine's leg. The music worked very well. That always helps.