Horrible Bosses

Horrible Bosses (2009) written by Michael Markowitz et al and directed by Seth Gordon is a film with a stellar cast of Hollywood stars including Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Anniston as horrible bosses. The Sun described it as jaw achingly funny and it made a respectable profit. My question would be why? I’m old enough to remember 9 to 5, which had jaw aching song by Dolly Parton who also let her hair and breasts act in it. Three women decide they can no longer stomach the song and decide to get their own back on their horrible bosses. Dolly decided to sing along and that’s it really. I’m not sure what happened in this film because it was so jaw achingly funny I had to go and get my jaw reset and now need to eat Lentil soup through a straw. I suppose I’ve played that joke out, but I’m sure I could whip it up into an hour and half script. I can’t phone my agent for split sides. Oh, how I laughed.