I am Legend

‘I am Legend’ was filmed at the height of Will Smith’s success, so it was one of those virtuous circles were success begets success. Yes it’s Biblical because it’s apocalyptical. It’s one man and his dog. Will Smith being that man. He’s the only man left on earth, or so we are led to believe, as he hunts wild deer on the streets of New York. And damn just when he gets one in the sights of his telescopic rifle those damn prowl of lions beat him to the kill. He could shoot the lions, but, of course, that wouldn’t be fair. The real danger lies with the human animal. A proposed cure for cancer has went viral and caused all sorts of complications not least of which is superhuman strength and superhuman rage. Think Edward Munch The Scream, the lycanthropic power and agility of a werewolf and the aversion to dark of the vampire. I’m not sure of the age range, but when Will’s dog and only companion runs into an underground building you know it’s going to be bad. These monsters were frightening. And the idea of a ‘hive’, which I take it is taken from the book, particularly so. Inevitably, the dog turns and it’s Will against the world. Not for long, because talking to himself, even if he is Will Smith bores people. A companion and her son appear to save him from himself and the monsters. Will gets to tell her the little story about Bob Marley getting shot and bad guys not taking the day off. This upsets the zombies so much that they storm the house and try and eat him. Will throws himself into battle, not just for himself and the cute chick, but for the future of mankind. It’s a pyrrhic victory. He dies, but doesn’t get eaten and he saves the surrogate family. Not only that. He saves mankind. Will Smith can do anything.