The Informers (2009)

The Informers (2009) written by Bret Eaton Ellis and staring just about everybody in Hollywood is a story about the rock band ‘The Informers’ World tour of 1983, which reaches Los Angeles (City of Angels)and branches off into other people’s stories. There’s Billy Bob Thornton, a studio boss who is going to produce something, a film with a giant tomato as lead, and starring The Informers. There’s Billy Bob’s wife, Kim Bassinger, who he is bit druggy, a bit fucked up, a bit old. And then there is their son, whose having it off with a guy that is helping to produce the band’s video, whilst finding time to act as gigolo to Kim, fuck her son and her son’s girlfriend. I hope you’re keeping up, because there was plenty of bums and tits, but no cocks. How they all had so much sex with no cocks was beyond me, but not beyond them. Everybody got their nasties. The lead singer from the band got off with shagging underage boys and girls and just to make sure we got how fucked up he was, without a cock, he also got off on beating them up. Mickey Rourke was the fucked up brother of a concierge that worked in rich man’s apartment block that Kim’s son stayed in. He too had an underage girlfriend, but also, in his spare time, kidnapped a young boy off the street, flung him in the back of his wagon to sell to some gang for ready cash like a Christmas turkey. Sometimes people would actually look up from snorting on the dashboard to actually drive. Winona Ryder’s problem was she ran out of fags and ran out of Billie Bob’s life and, well, she looked so thin her face looked painted on. That was painful. There was another angle about a young guy going away to Hawaii to bond with his dad, but it was never going to happen. There was never going to be a happy Hollywood ending, which is a bit of a surprise with so many Hollywood stars, but then again, maybe not.