Margot at the wedding (2007)

Nicole Kidman plays the eponymous heroine that takes her son to her sister’s wedding at their old family home. Margot has ulterior motives. She has a presentation of her work as a writer in the town and she has also, although we only learn this later, arranged to meet with her lover, a literature professor from the other side of town. It is he and his daughter that provides the catalyst for change. The literature professor baits Nicole at a reading of her latest work. Onstage and into the microphone she literally falls apart and her neuroticism is shown up. Her sister also realizes that much of the material she has used for her successful books have been taken from their lives. All of this is standard fare. There is nothing redeeming about Margot narcissism apart from she’s mildly pretty. All of the sympathy rests with Jennifer Jason Leigh who plays her sister. Her would be husband Jack Black does, what he usually does, and plays a slightly seedy character. In this case he admits to having a dalliance with the professor’s daughter. For once Margot’s scattergun approach to intuition that everyone she meets is autistic, psychotic or borderline deranged proves correct and Black's character had admitted to paedophilic tendencies and the wedding does not take place.