The Ruins

‘The Ruins’ refer to a Mayan temple, a bit off the beaten track, so that only unwary tourists can find them. Two couples: boy-girl; boy-girl and two Germans; boy-boy, but not a couple, just German. My first guess was the brunette would get it first, because she’s trying to tongue the German dude on the beach. Playing away from home in a horror usually means, you are the next lunch. But, hey, we can’t always be right. We see the blond girl naked and I must admit that was well worth seeing. Instead of jumping up and down on the bed she should have shouted: ‘Kill me, Kill me,’ because full blown nudity is a big no, no in horror, even if it is non promiscuous. If I said that she got eaten by plant life that could whistle like a Triffid I’d be exaggerating, but not by much. There was more blood and gore than that. The one thing I didn’t get was if the plants were intelligent enough to mimic a cell phone and smart enough to create traps, why did it take them so long to devour the couple of couples. The Germans got it first, of course.