Stephen Grosz (2013) The Examined Life How We Lose and Find Ourselves.

Sometime I think about how people’s names suit their jobs. I used to have a writing tutor called Elizabeth Reeder. I probably spelled her name wrong, but it wasn’t her fault. Grosz would understand. He’s distilled over 50 000 hours of psychoanalytical insight into just over 200 pages. I’ve just read it in one gulp and I’m cured. I understand myself better and I understand humanity. The only difference between me and you is I’m better looking and have more money. I’m mourning for the life I’ve lost and I’m grieving for the life that is. This is really a page turner. There are people here we know. Some of them is me. Some of them will be you. The examined life is all the better for knowing it has been searched. Now I’m waiting anxiously for the results. Did I pass?


Hi Verdana [smiles] thanks for that. I always take my awards very seriously.