tallhotblond channel 4

tallhotblond is a textspeak story about life and love and murder and redemption, or it is not. It is set in a world before Facebook when MySpace was the monster roaming the internet eating everybody’s lives. Tallhotblond is a star in this world living life online and hooks up with the aptly named marinesniper, 47- year- old married man Thomas Montgomery, an ex-marine and proud of it who lives in a small town near Virginnia, where only virgins live. She also hooks up with Brian Barrett, twenty-two-year-old, cognomen, beefcake. In the internet world where no one knows anyone and relationships are a simulacrum of the real thing Montgomery live and worked in the same town as Barrett. They were, in effect, competing for the attention of the same girl, who was not a girl but a picture of a girl. And as the pictures showed, she was hot, she was blond and in her school graduation photos she looked eighteen and beautiful. William Boyd coined the term Zemblanity to mean something that is the opposite of serendipity. If any one of these facts were different it wouldn’t have mattered if beefcake and marinesniper fell in love with textspeak and photos of tallhotblond and tallhotblond fell in love with both marinesniper and beefcake. In any love triangle, as any story teller knows, there are going to be winners and losers. In real life, of course, the loser would usually be the older balding man and so it proved. Online marinesniper poured out his rage and jealousy when he found out the Barrett planned to make the long drive to pop ‘Jessi’, tallyoungblond’s, cherry. Marinesniper and tallyoungblond break up. He’s hurt. She's hurt and hurt that he hurts. Beefcake is hurt that he didn’t pop her cherry. She made some excuse and wasn’t there. In this hurt phase marinesniper admits he wanted to do something bad to beefcake. He’s a marine and marinesnipers are proactive. Tallyoungblond is intrigued, but upset. She breaks up with marinesniper for good. He’s mad and textspeaks that he hopes she gets raped by a gang of mans. Tallyoungblond’s mother goes online to tell him not to contact her daughter again. He agrees But tallyoungblond goes behind her mother’s back and contacts marinesniper again. She tells him she is no longer seeing beefcake. They make cypher love by tapping each other’s keyboards. But marinesniper goes onto MySpace and sees that tallyoungblond had been seeing beefcake behind his back. He’s mad. They hit each other’s keyboards again and make up. When tallyoungblond asks marinesniper if they can just be friends he does what he said he was going to do. Montgomery shot Barrett three times and killed him. The police contacted their counterparts in another state. They went to Jessi’s mum’s house to protect Jessi, but she wasn’t there. She hadn’t been there for some time. Online, Mary Shieler, a fat middle-aged woman, had used her her own daughter’s photos, to create the persona ‘Jessi’ ‘hotyoungblond’.