Utama (2022) Film4, written and directed by Alejandro Loayza Grisi



Virgino (José Calcina) gets up early to tend his llamas in Altiplano, the arid high plateau of the Andes with its mixture of cold and heat. His wife Sisa (Luisa Quispe) takes two metal buckets and walks into town for water.  But the annual monsoon didn’t come. It hasn’t rained for a year. The weather is sick, says one of the villagers. Virgino is sick. He says the llamas are sick too, because of the heat.

Sisa needs to walk to the nearest river but like her husband, she is old and tired.

Clever (Santos Choque) with his mobile phone arrives on a motorbike. He wants to take them to the city. He wants to take his grandparents home. But they are already home.

A film all the more poignant with Cop-out 18  being held in Saudi Arabia. A bit like holding an Alcoholic Anonymous meeting in a brewery.



Pascual said: “More than two-thirds of the projected population of 10 billion people will live in cities by 2050. This will increase the energy requirements to manage the growing complexity of urban metabolism

“But today we’re facing a perfect storm: almost 60% of the continent’s arable land is degraded. Over 280 million Africans face hunger. Climate-driven droughts and cyclones are wiping out development gains made in the past decades.