Welcome to India, BBC 2 9pm.

I watched the BAFTA winning Welcome to Logos, with current projections of India (not China) becoming the most populous nation on earth this gives a camera’s eye look at the bottom, the shit heap, of the pile. I mean no disrespect. The camera follows one entrepreneur who sweeps the Kolkati streets in which jewellers wash their bodies and clothes for dust. Gold dust. He shares a room with fifty others, who all do the same thing. Their landlord also buys the processed gold them smelt from the dust particles from them at the lowest take-it-or-leave-it-rate. In order to get a better deal our bold entrepreneur is filmed lifting the drains and shovelling shit and muck into bags. The mud is sold to dealers on the Ganges. Another camera follows an illegal resident who lives on the municipal beach in Mumbai. He operates an illegal pub from the tent he stays in with his wife and children, selling Indian moonshine. Despite being in debt to the moneylender he buys his wife a sari for her birthday. The bulldozers come to level the camp of 40 families (and growing) but in some ways that’s a relief because they got their makeshift tent down in time and, with an election coming, the municipal council will turn their attention to other things. This is life in the raw, where moneylenders take children as collateral until you pay up. Surprisingly, the tone is upbeat.